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Paul Malekos. 

Holistic Personal trainer.

Sports and Exercise Scientist BSc hons.

Public Speaker.



Eat. Move.

The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself, if we allow it to do so- Paul Malekos


Paul Malekos

I have recently realised the wonderful feeling that comes with helping others reach their health and fitness goals. Helping them to free them from discomfort, pain and disease whilst allowing them to heal with nutrition, movement and lifestyle changes. I cannot think of anything more motivating and satisfying than to have a positive impact on the health and happiness of those around me, from clients to friends and family.


Since graduating from university I have continued to build on my knowledge and understanding of human biology, nutrition, chronic disease prevention and management, psychology and strength and conditioning training. The experience I have gained from running my own Personal Training business for 10 years and presenting in schools, auditoriums and businesses has also illuminated the importance of all of these topics in order to attain a well rounded healthy human and to sustain it.

The father of western medicine Hippocrates taught “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be food”, and today with the latest technologies and scientific research have proven this to be true. Yet obesity and chronic disease rates are on the rise (even in children) and reliable information is often scarce, misleading or biased.

With all of the preventable diseases and unnecessary suffering  in the world today i find great pleasure and fulfillment it helping others protect themselves whilst reaching their health and longevity potential the way science and nature intended it.

Please find below in the testimonials section a handful of examples.




steve before and after front logo.jpg
steve before and after 3 months side log
“Since the training began with Paul, there have been a number of 'quality of life' improvements for me, and my family!  I no longer focus on 'quick fix' diets as and when needed, often with a number of unpleasant side effects, say no more! My outlook on my health and fitness takes a more holistic approach, including diet, exercise and relaxation. This has enabled me to achieve much more than just weight loss.  I almost don't want to use the phrase.....but.....I am a new man.  My aim was to be a bit thinner, and I have achieved that and much much more.  I now see health and fitness as a key part of my life and not an add on to an already busy schedule. After all, it has and will continue to enhance my everyday experience.  

I am looking forward to continued fitness improvements, after all, I have already achieved more than I thought I could! 

On a final note, I can honestly say that this would NOT have been possible without the advice, guidance and support of a PT, so thank you, Paul.  Steve (ex PT sceptic)”


Sue before and after pic.jpg
When Paul first told me that to lose weight, I should cut out or cut down on meat, sugar and dairy, I didn't really want to hear it. Finally, in frustration with persistent tummy troubles, I decided to give it a go.

He recommended I read The China Study which showed me that there was plenty of evidence behind Paul's advice. This encouraged me to read other books that also showed the benefits of a wholefood/plant-based diet.
Over time, I’ve gradually moved to a low-fat, wholefoods, plant-based way of eating based on the McDougall Program. I've been inspired to do more cooking, trying out lots of new recipes and really enjoy the meals. Five years on, and I have lost over 20 pounds and feel much fitter, healthier and happier.

I'd recommend Paul for his personal training services as well as his nutritional advice. He's been a source of vital information, support and inspiration at a time when I wanted to make some changes to my life.


mikey math and me.jpg

“When I first met Paul my wrists were locked together and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which made it painful for me to use my hands. One day whilst training with Paul he started talking to me about the link between arthritis and nutrition specifically dairy products. So I started on a diet without dairy products and felt it was really hard at first but after Paul visited my family I felt I made very quick progress and now I am able to move  freely without pain and my G.P has taken me off all medication! J

As a kid I was diagnosed with Aspergers making it hard for me to communicate with people. Since cutting out gluten foods, adding certain plant foods and supplements such as glutamine pro-biotics and omega 3’s, I can now have full decent conversations with friends and family without stuttering.  My mind is much clearer and this helps me at college and to exercise more effectively too.   

I can’t thank my bro Paul enough for all the help he has given me and I am entirely grateful for making me who I am today a fun loving and pain free teenager.”


mark lynch before and after.jpg

“A year ago I was clinically obese with a BMI of 31.1, high blood pressure, resting heart rate was in the 90`s and I was more than 3 Stones overweight. I have had weekly PT sessions with Paul ever since and things have gone from good to great.

The results so far, are that I have dropped about 44 pounds in total and even gained quite a bit muscle recently as we have moved to a different way of training.

My Blood pressure is healthy and my resting heart rate is now 48bpm almost half of what it was a year ago! My bad cholesterol levels, chances of heart disease and diabetes are almost nonexistent after recently visiting my GP he was astonished at my improvements.

I am pretty much the strongest and fittest I have ever been and the difference to my physique is amazing for me”


Charlotte hearn.jpg

“After seeing numerous Drs, surgeons and professors up and down the country all who told me they were unsure why the narrowing’s in my arteries were occurring, why my blood pressure was so high and why I had headaches and dizziness all day every day, I began to accept that I would be like this for life.

After meeting Paul and about 5 session later the headaches I had previously been having every day for years had completely gone, not only this but for the first time in over a year my Bp was within the healthy range .

Not only am I much fitter, healthier and more toned – these lifestyle choices have changed my life as I don't have to worry about living with high blood pressure and constant headaches. I can’t thank him enough and would honestly recommend him to ANYBODY especially someone who has been told they have a condition for life and the only thing to do is to take medication.”


james befire and after 3 months with log
james before and after side logo.jpg

James drastically improved his feeling of health and wellbeing whilst training with me (as you can see by his photographs). He lost 3 stone of body fat in 3 months whilst gaining 5lb of muscle. James has since kept the weight off easily due to his drastically improved understanding of nutrition. James and I are now good friends and we continue to work together both inside and outside the gym. Hes a great little cook as well! That really helps :) One of my favourite success stories.. An inspring transformation as clear as night and day.


lewis before and after. 9 months
lewis side.jpg

Lewis was a pleasure to work with, a young man with allot of heart and determination to reach his goals of gaining 10kg of muscle mass in one year. Lewis achieved this transformation in 9 months and continues to use the expertise he picked up from me to continue training effectively on his own. We stay in touch every couple of weeks. He's now inspiring and helping his friends achieve similar incredible results.


Tristan before and after 9 months.jpg

Tristan was also a great pleasure to work with. A star student who followed every exercise, recipe, supplement and piece of advice i gave him to a tee :)  He saw phenomenal results training  with me 3 times a week for 6 months and then twice a week for the months after. He continues to maintain his wonderful athletic physique relatively easy now. Tristan is a prime example that if you take your nutrition and training regimen seriously you can see incredible results in a short period of time. Not bad for a 45 year old! Wow! :)


neil before and after 3 months.jpg

Neil lost 3 stone of body fat in 4 months whilst gaining 4-6lb in muscle mass along the way. His energy levels have gone up and he has since been able to maintain these improvement fairly easily. The key to this transformation for me was his willingness to improve his nutrition and to cook colourful, nutrtious meals from scratch. Gyms were never Neils favourite place to be but when he did exercise he gave it everything and continues to walk and do light sessions . Many months later, Neil continues to enjoy the same healthy nutrition philosophy he adopted and has maintained his new slimmer, healthier physique. Well done Neil! Another inspiring transformation proving the impact a few key nutritional interventions can have even when the exercise levels are moderate.


justin before and after pic.jpg

I lived with chronic asthma for my whole life until Paul showed me what good diet and training can do. On the 22nd of June i will have gone a year and 6 months without an asthma attack, asthma medication or any asthma related symptoms. My dust and pollen allergy is gone too and I have only been ill once nice changed my understanding of health!

I couldn’t recommend talking to Paul enough. He will blow you away with some of the things he’ll tell you, but always explains things in a logical way which quiet frankly i found really fun to talk about because it all makes sense.


amie before and after face.jpg

Amie's results are another example of how powerful a handful of nutritional interventions can have on the body. Similar results were seen in a handful of other clients, we just didnt take any pics. Amie took no medication for her acne, She continues to manage it with her new understanding of diet and lifestyle.



“Paul always greets me with a smile which radiates positivity, this massively helps on those days when I'd rather be nursing a coffee than working on my pull ups or squat technique! I'm very inquisitive and am constantly questioning why he's making me do certain things to which he always gives an informed, easy to understand answer.


When I first started training with Paul I had very low energy levels, adamant that I wanted to correct this through diet he was on hand with food choices to fit in with my lifestyle. However recently he strongly suggested that I try a supplement and I'm really pleased I took his advice as the difference in everyday life has been awesome!

Paul always makes a point of asking how I'm doing in general and after hearing me comment a few times that I feel stressed he made me a dvd and book of guided meditations and stress management techniques which have been invaluable.

To summarise, sessions with Paul are fun, motivating and each week I walk out of the gym with a smile on my face and the desire for another week to come around!”

Paul Malekos

The Fitness Society Gym. 172-176 High st, Berkhamsted Hp4 3Ap

Home visits, my garden, park sessions in Berkhamsted and sourounding towns available upon inquiry.

Online Zoom sessions are also an option for those who arent able to meet up face to face

Tel: 07940517605



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